We provide a new level of cooperation for industry leaders

Our solutions shape new markets and consumer preferences


We develop innovative product, technology and marketing solutions that help businesses optimize customer acquisition costs by more than 10%, increase ROI by almost 25%, which in turn increase its profit margins and market capitalization.

Our solutions
  • We study and investigate best practices of both Tech giants, Fintechs and Start-ups
  • We track new and emerging trends on the Russian and foreign markets
  • We analyze behavioral patterns and interests of users and products' efficiency
  • We promote a discussion on technologies
  • We design strategies to create and develop innovative product on the basis of PN.Research
  • We create value propositions and "ideal customer journeys" to meet client desires and needs
  • We provide 360° marketing to improve our partners' financial performance

We develop in-house solutions, from the preparation of project documentation to software implementation for:

  • banking, financial, and logistics sectors
  • large-scale distributed databases
  • super large BI systems
  • AI systems for consumer behavior analysis, voice control systems, and visual environment analysis


  • Real-time analysis and data processing on each of our millions of customers
  • We provide partners with services for scoring, up/cross-sell, reducing the customer acquisition cost in digital channels
  • We analyze user interaction experience with innovative products
  • We design development strategies of digital platforms and solutions
  • We use modern and flexible methodologies in project management
  • We structure and manage projects of any complexity with unlimited partners and a multi-level control system
  • We prepare business cases and provide project financial modeling
  • We help to defend projects on investment committees
  • We provide legal and HR consulting for further product support